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How Landpoint is Changing the Industry

During 2015, Landpoint rolled out a brand new service augmentation that heavily utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as “drones”. Our drone fleet has revolutionized the way that pipelines are planned, constructed, and maintained. In addition to the up-front cost savings for faster data collection, the immense amount of data is able to be shared with internal engineers & surveyors, as well as with other all other subcontractors on the project. The information propagates savings, an increased safety envelope, quality of deliverables, and efficiency through the every phase of the project by providing increased visibility in the earliest of planning stages.

Recently we have seen projects save over 35% in comparison to similar projects, due to our implementation of drone data collection and sharing. From initial planning to post-construction verification, easily accessing these new data sets is creating tighter bids, less surprises, and more profitable projects for everyone involved. Landpoint is one of the few licensed land surveying companies to fully utilize this technology, and the only to have implemented large-scale rollouts.

Benefits of UAV’s (Drones)

Quality & Accuracy

3-5cm accuracy. Hundreds of millions of points to use for design, calculations, & analysis. Ultra high resolution imagery.

Speed & Cost Savings

Millions of points survey grade points collected per second. Substantially reduced collection time. Rapid deliverable turn-around time.


Reduced time on-site. Collection occurs away from actual components.

Multiple Sensors

RGB, Near Infrared, Multi-spectral, Thermal, LiDAR, Methane Detection, and more.

The End Results

In addition to typical survey deliverables, here are a few of the additional items that can be generated. Sharing this data with all parties will create huge savings from planning to construction, and even in maintenance / inspection.

The UAV Difference

Our certified UAV operators control the process of data capture, analysis, and archival from end to end. Many of the processes involved with an aerial survey drone have been automated and are now available in an extremely compact method of delivery.

  • ~25 Miles / day (~15 miles for Inspections)
  • 24 Hour data turn-around
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional aerial and ground survey collection methods
  • Industry leading 3cm of accuracy (survey grade)
  • Access maps & data from any device