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Surveying & Technical Services FAQ

What kind of survey do I need?

The type of survey that you will need depends on many different factors. It is best to speak with one of our Project Managers to determine what type of survey you will need.

What are our billing rates?

For specific costs on a project, please contact our office.

How much will a survey cost?

There are no set prices for surveys. The price of a survey depends on many factors such as:

  • the size of the parcel
  • how the parcel was created
  • the type of survey needed
  • how far the site is from our office.

For us to give you an accurate price of a survey we will need to know what type of survey you will need and the property description of the parcel. Click here for a quote

When do I need a survey?

  • When purchasing or selling land
  • Before land is subdivided by deed or subdivision
  • When a lending institution or title company requires a survey
  • Before building a house, fence, septic system or other improvements close to the property line
  • When required by local authorities prior to the issuance of a building or other permit
  • For drainage planning, topographical and subsurface utility studies
  • When the property line location is in question and/or an encroachment is suspected

How do I find my property pins?

  • Finding your property pins so that you may build a fence or a garage can be difficult or can be very easy depending on the information that you have and how lucky you are. When looking for your property pins you will first need a drawing of your lot with dimensions of how long the property lines are. Sometimes you are provided with an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) at the time of closing when you purchase your property. This ILC will show the relationship of your house to your property lines with lengths of the property lines. If do not have an ILC you can contact the municipality in which you live and ask them where you can get a copy of the Subdivision Plat that contains your lot. This Plat will show the dimensions of the lot that your house is on.
  • Once you obtain a drawing with dimensions you can begin looking for your pins. Most people know where at least one of their property pins are located (a property pin is a metal bar with a 1″ diameter plastic cap on it). From this pin you can use the dimensions shown on the drawing to locate the rest of your pins. A good metal detector helps a lot.
  • If you are still having a difficult time finding your property pins they just may not be in. Please feel free to contact our office for additional information or to have us come out and look for your property pins for you.

EEO Information

Landpoint is an equal opportunity employer. We provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, citizenship status, disability or any other legally protected status. We prohibit discrimination in decisions concerning recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, training, termination, promotions, or any other condition of employment or career development.

Career Opportunity FAQ’s

1. Who is Landpoint?

Landpoint is one of the nations largest land surveying and technical services firms. For more information about each region, please see our locations map.

2. Where are you located?

We maintain offices in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Arkansas employing approximately 220 people. Our headquarters is in Bossier City, LA.

3. Is this position still open?

All positions listed on our Web site are still open.

4. How should I submit my resume?

To register and submit your resume online, click on the job you would like to apply for. See “reasonable accommodation” FAQ below for alternate methods to submit your resume.

5. How will I know if my resume has been received?

If you submit your resume online, you will receive an immediate acknowledgment on your screen.

6. What is the status of my resume?

When you have submitted your resume, an appropriate hiring authority will contact you directly if there is interest in your qualifications for the job.

7. Does Landpoint accept unsolicited resumes?

We do accept unsolicited resumes; however, we strongly encourage you to register and apply online for a specific position.

8. If I am interested in more than one position, how do I apply for all of them?

Yes, simply find the positions you are interested in and apply to them.

9. How will I know if a position has been filled?

A position is removed from the Web site when it is filled or we have received a large number of responses and the hiring department is no longer accepting resumes.

10. When I submit my resume online, who has access to it?

All resumes received by Landpoint are considered confidential and are only accessible to HR Professionals and the appropriate hiring authority.

11. Is there someone I can talk to regarding this position?

A recruiter or appropriate hiring authority will contact you directly if there is interest in your qualifications for the job. You will have an opportunity to obtain more information at that time.

12. I saw an ad for an open position. What’s the salary range?

Company salaries are industry-competitive. Salaries are determined by the level of skill and the years of experience required for the position. More information on starting salaries can be obtained at the time of the interview.

13. What are the Company’s educational requirements?

It depends on the position. The company’s education requirements are listed in the job description.

14. What kind of benefits does Landpoint have?

To learn more about our benefits, visit our Benefits page under Services.

15. How does the interview process work?

Your initial interview will be conducted by a Human Resources Representative or a member of the hiring team in the department or office to which you’ve applied. In subsequent interviews, you may meet with several other supervisors or managers before a hiring decision is made. Additional interviews may require more than one visit to the office. References will be checked and an employment background check conducted before an offer of employment is extended.

16. How can I apply for an internship with Landpoint?

Internships are offered at many office locations. Please visit our Locations page where you will find our office locations and phone numbers. Select the location(s) in which you are interested and contact them directly.

17. If I have a disability, can I get help (e.g. "reasonable accommodation") filling out my application?

If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the application process, or are limited in the ability or unable to access or use this online application process and need an alternative method for applying, you may contact our Helpline +1.800.348.5254 or e-mail contact@landpoint.net for assistance.

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