Solar Energy

2,000 Panels Surveyed

In Texas and Louisiana

6,000 Acres Topo’d

Across the U.S.

130 Miles of Transmission Line Surveyed

Across the U.S.

Solar Land Surveying

Landpoint provides solar land surveying solutions for both utility and commercial-scale solar energy projects.

Landpoint is accustomed to the tight schedules and highly detailed requirements that come with solar energy survey services. Our role is to reduce risk along the way, whether it is a commercial or utility-scale project. We are responsive, flexible, and provide reliable solutions that benefit our clients and the end-user. Our team of consultants are professionally registered, licensed, and experienced working in solar-rich states.

Solar Farm Construction

Solar arrays are popping up everywhere. They are attached to structures, spread out on rooftops, and found in large quantities on huge tracts of land. Many solar arrays sit idle and others are tracking systems that automatically tilt to follow the sun. Regardless, both type of systems can be designed to obtain maximum energy for the project. Landpoint can help with every stage of solar farm construction, from the initial solar energy survey to late-stage as built surveys.

Safety is Our Priority

On the job site, safety and accurate end results are of paramount importance. We are 100% ISNetworld, PEC/Premier, and PICS compliant in all areas of operation. We enforce that all personnel are NCMS DOT drug and alcohol compliant.

Thanks to this commitment to safety and quality, Landpoint has an outstanding Health, Safety, and Environmental record.

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