Wind Energy

850 Turbines Staked

In Texas

16,000 Acres Surveyed

In TX. and CO. for wind energy

60 Miles of Transmission Line

In TX. and CO.

Wind Energy Survey Services

Landpoint energy consultants are experienced with the aggressive schedules and evolving requirements of wind energy survey services. We understand the importance of wind as a driving force for economic and infrastructure growth. We cater to this industry with responsive, flexible, and reliable solutions that support all stages of wind turbine construction. We are professionally registered, licensed, and experienced in wind-rich states across the country. Landpoint consultants provide wind energy survey services for project sites from offices throughout the Southern U.S. and are also expanding nationwide to more locations.

Wind Farm Construction

Wind turbine construction has surged in the energy market recently partly as a result of technology improvements and cost reductions and partly in response of state and federal laws and incentives. As a developer, one of the many steps in wind farm construction includes securing access to land. This is where our team comes in to help provide the data required for leasing, planning, and developing.

Safety is Our Priority

On the job site, safety and accurate end results are of paramount importance. We are 100% ISNetworld, PEC/Premier, and PICS compliant in all areas of operation. We enforce that all personnel are NCMS DOT drug and alcohol compliant.

Thanks to this commitment to safety and quality, Landpoint has an outstanding Health, Safety, and Environmental record.

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