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Residential Market

As a leading land surveying company, Landpoint knows how to manage the unique requirements of residential development. Our team are experts in residential property surveys and delivers results in a high response time. With our knowledge of everything from residential boundary surveys to property development, our team is fully experienced in all the procedures involved for a residential land survey. The diverse backgrounds of our team members provide an integrated approach in performing land evaluation, determining land-use entitlements, performing building surveys of residential property, developing a final design, and starting the construction of the project.

Subdivision Development

In order to maximize our client’s investments, our team strategically finds the most effective and economically practical solutions for each project. At Landpoint, our years of experience have been proven to produce civil surveying results that go above and beyond. A combination of our peoples’ ability and Landpoints’ advanced technology convert your ideas into reality. Our new 3-D integrated modeling technology gives our clients the ability to visualize their civil development projects during early planning stages.

Landpoint’s planning team members are experienced problem solvers for projects of any scale. Our existing clients range from national home builders and retailers to individuals with small sites. We provide civil development services that span from large-scale master plans to individual site designs. Our planners are professional, innovative, and receptive to our clients’ needs.

Individual Land Owners

Our team is available to serve the public with any professional services requested and guarantee to provide high-quality services to our clients.  We provide services for individual land owners, small firms, and some of the top firms in the US. Since each request differs based on the type of survey required, size of the parcel, current legal description, and location, please contact us for a quote.

Below are the typical surveys and reasons why an individual land owner or representing firm requests our services:
  • Boundary Survey:
    • Selling/Buying Property
    • Lost/Obliterated Corners
    • Property Division
    • New Legal Description Required
    • Property Dispute
    • Building: Fencing/House/Etc.
    • Locating Improvements/Encroachments

Residential Project Highlights